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Bootyman & lisa's Amateur Wife Photo Blog: Ass Video

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Bootyman & Lisa: Gym motivation!

Ass Voyeur Gymbooty Nicelegs

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"Blog dedicated to Lisa's wonderful ass and our sex life,,, welcome!"


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Bootyman & Lisa's Amateur Wife Photo Blog

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flag as inappropriate adrian l.    July 11, 2016VResident
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I'd want to put my hands on those wonderful round hips

flag as inappropriate slocum    July 8, 2016VResident
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love the friction her sexy thighs are working up

flag as inappropriate knave44    July 8, 2016
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Lisa's naked thighs are incredibly sexy! And I've seen how amazingly she uses her hands! She is worth her
weight in gold and you better treat her as such every day or you're gonna lose her to someone lee me!
Definitely the kind of woman I appreciate ♥.................

flag as inappropriate Gilbert    July 7, 2016

Wow, what a gorgeous ass!!

flag as inappropriate saltpeeter    July 7, 2016
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I'd be staying put with this view, then end up rubbing one out in the shower.

flag as inappropriaterich'ard    July 6, 2016

mmmmmm love fine shape..!!!!

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